The organizers of the jubilee 10th RAFA 2022 would like to thank to all speakers, poster presenters, other participants and sponsors, exhibitors, media and supporting partners for their contributions to very interesting and successful conference.
RAFA 2022 Chairs, Prof. Dr. Jana Hajslova (UCT Prague, Czech Republic) and Prof. Dr. Michel Nielen and Dr. Stefan van Leeuwen (WFSR, Wageningen Food Safety Research, The Netherlands)

RAFA 2022 in numbers

  • 520 delegates participated
  • 40 countries from 5 continents represented
  • 93 lectures including 30% presented by young scientists
  • 355 posters presented
  • 26 companies exhibited & sponsored & supported the conference
  • 11 media partners participated
  • 6 poster awards granted
  • 18 vendor seminars
  • The 2022 Book of Abstracts is available here
  • The 2022 Program is available here
  • Regional distribution of all RAFA 2022 delegates: 13.5% Czech Republic, 78.5% rest of Europe (countries with participation above 1% - Austria 5.8%, Belgium 5.0%, Denmark 2.5%, France 4.1%, Germany 15.4%, Greece 2.1%, Hungary 1.0%, Italy 12.0%, Poland 1.7%, Romania 1.2%, Serbia 1.0%, Spain 5.2%, Switzerland 1.7%, The Netherlands 6.0 %, UK 9.1%), 2.5% Asia, 4.2% North America, 1% South America, 0.2% Australia, 0.2% Africa
  • Affiliation distribution of all RAFA 2022 delegates: 39% Academia, 15% Research institutes, 25% Industry & SMEs, 12% Governmental bodies, 5% Contract labs, 4% Other organisations (EU, trade organisations, press, other - consultants, nonprofit organisations, federal organisation, etc.)


RAFA 2022 Book of Abstracts can be downloaded here
Final RAFA 2022 program can be downloaded here
Poster Awards winners can be found here
Presentation "Summary of RAFA 2022 Highlights" by Michele Suman, Barilla, Italy here

RAFA 2022 media coverage (examples):

LCGC Europe® and RAFA 2022 present the "RAFA 2022 Companion: Hot Topics in Food Analysis" - Download e-Book

RAFA 22 to be held live in Prague for all in the food science industry by Food Engineering & Ingredients

10th International Symposium on Recent Advances in Food Analysis - preview by Foods

10th International Symposium on Recent Advances in Food Analysis (RAFA 2022) by LCGC

10th International Symposium on Recent Advances in Food Analysis (RAFA 2022) by LabRulez

Affidia Journal, as a media partner of the 10th International Symposium on Recent Advances in Food Analysis RAFA2022, had the opportunity to meet and interview several scientists during the RAFA 2022:

  • Prof. Chara Dall'Asta (University of Parma, Parma, Italy) talked about her current work on the safety profile and risk assessment of food supplements. Watch the interview
  • Dr. Carsten Fauhl-Hassek (Federal Institute for Risk Assessment, Berlin, Germany) talked about analytical approaches to uncover food adulterations. Watch the interview
  • Dr. Nicola Randall (Harper Adams University, Newport, Shropshire, United Kingdom) talked about the evidence for emerging risks in circular economy. Watch the interview
  • Dr. Frans Verstraete (European Commission, DG Health and Consumers (DG SANTE), Brussels, Belgium) talked about the EU policy on contaminants in food. Watch the interview
  • Marleen Voorhuijzen (Wageningen Food Safety Research, Wageningen University & Research, Wageningen, The Netherlands) talked about a new portable diagnostic system. Watch the interview

All video interviews are available HERE